scarpe in nappa effetto denim

A denim print for the softest of leathers: nappa

31 October 2020

Baldinini denim-look nappa leather

This year, the “Baldinini ICONS” event to showcase the spring/summer 2021 collection was inspired by some of the brand’s iconic models, as well as materials that are typically used in its footwear.

Among the latest innovations, there was a spotlight on a new interpretation of nappa leather, in the guise of denim.

By applying an innovative printing technique to the natural leather, flat sandals, sling-back fringed loafers, slipper loafers, summery wedge sandals and sleek handbags have taken on the unique look of denim, while retaining the precious properties of natural hides. For a quirky touch, a metallic “body piercing” detail adorns each piece.

scarpa in nappa effetto denim firmata baldinini

Why nappa leather?

Nappa is a natural leather endowed with unique characteristics. With its extremely soft, buttery feel, its properties make it ideal for footwear that adapts to the natural shape of your foot. In fact, it is the perfect ergonomic material for the body, precisely because it is so incredibly malleable.

Moreover, nappa leather is particularly durable. As well as not tearing easily, it doesn’t get damaged or stained, even when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

The design team’s desire to experiment with new finishes and explore new forms of craftsmanship, whilst respecting the properties of natural hides, is always guided by Baldinini’s stylistic research. The marriage between comfort and high fashion is a must. In the denim-print nappa leather capsule collection, the denim look is immediately apparent. However, when you feel the material and slip your foot into it, the nappa leather offers a surprising discovery of textures and substance.

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