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Men’s briefcases and work bags: practical and versatile, yet shrouded in mystery

07 September 2020

If there’s one item intimately associated with the role of a businessman, it’s the briefcase. When we think of the briefcase, we tend to imagine important business dealings – sometimes shady ones. The leather briefcase has played a central role in a number of movies with countless plot twists, swindles and international business deals.

In some of the most recent releases, such as The Wolf of Wall Street or Ocean’s Eleven, as well as older films such as the Mission: Impossible series, the world of cinema has shown us that the men’s leather briefcase safeguards and symbolises the power of its owner:  money, valuable documents, weapons or dangerous objects stored inside it can completely disrupt the entire plot and the life of every single character.

pulp fiction briefcase

Still from the film Pulp Fiction, 1994, Quentin Tarantino

Take Pulp Fiction for instance. Many people are still wondering what was inside Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase: probably diamonds, or perhaps gold bars. The only certainty is that, even as a commonplace object, the briefcase is able to arouse interest and fascination among everyone in the room due to the halo of mystery that surrounds it.

“Ringo: What’s in the case?
Jules: My bosses’ dirty laundry.
Ringo: Your boss makes you do his laundry?
Jules: When he wants it clean.”

A timeless menswear accessory

In everyday life the men’s briefcase plays an entirely different role: it’s a versatile workwear accessory for men, one that strikes the perfect balance between refined style and the composure required in the world of business.

The idea behind the briefcase was born from a need shared by important businessmen who found themselves frequently embarking on short, work-related trips. The briefcase allowed them to carry all their essentials in a small suitcase which they were able to comfortably travel with. No doubt a much less mysterious object than the one depicted in Hollywood movies.

 baldinini men's business bag

Which type of case should you choose: hard or soft?

Briefcases or work bags feature several different characteristics to suit the level of formality called for by your profession, as well as the documents and devices that you need to have with you when travelling on business.

baldinini men's work bag

Hard cases are undoubtedly the epitome of classic elegance: refined finishes and handles made of premium materials make them an ideal choice for work environments where an outfit is the equivalent of a business card when meeting clients.

However, a soft fabric briefcase is not so easily outdone. Suitable for sectors that allow for a more relaxed and informal approach to style, they can adapt to the contents of the case with ease.

Baldinini’s range of professional bags for men includes several types of premium leathers, each one suited to the specific characteristics and usage of each style. Calfskin is the most widely used material, but for each briefcase the most appropriate texture and finish is selected. For example, among our classic leather styles there are twenty briefcases in tumbled calfskin with an aged finish, as well as briefcases with saffiano or woven designs, ideal for those who love a textured finish.

The office businessman vs.  the on-the-go businessman

Depending on the occasion and intended use of the briefcase, opt for the most convenient solution.

The everyday briefcase

A work bag employed as an everyday office accessory and used for business meetings with clients must offer simplicity and practicality above all else. Models equipped with convenient pockets for tablets and laptops are incredibly useful for storing and safeguarding your devices.

For increased ease and practicality when it comes to moving around with your work bag, attach a matching shoulder strap without sacrificing an ounce of elegance, or opt for a work backpack, the ideal compromise between comfort, functionality and style.

Business trip coming up? Pack your briefcase

When a briefcase is used for a short business trip, attention to detail is crucial when deciding on the model. A leather handle, silver hardware and clasp closure – the distinguishing features of a professional black saffiano leather briefcase – represent the perfect combination of sophistication and style for a work bag that’s ideal for short trips.

Remember: capacity, integrated pockets and storage compartments help to make your work bag more compact and convenient.

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